We're the Millers!

Our business is a full family affair!

I, Celina, am the creative behind it all, I hand make everything you see from the resin creations to the Mala jewelry to the hand painted artwork!

My husband, Jay, is the man in charge of shipping, receiving, keeping his creative wife on track, off camera organization, and the extremely supportive better half.

And then there is Madi, our 7 year old daughter, she is the budding crystal expert, bracelet helper, comedy relief, wrapping master and all around adorable being from the fairy realm.

Jay and I met in June 2011, on our first date (Monday) I told him that we would never live together, never get married and never have children.

The next day (Tuesday) we told each other we loved each other, by Friday he had moved in with me, we got engaged at 4 months, married at just over a year and we welcomed baby Madeline (Madi) shortly after.

Life has a way of working out the way it is meant too!

After suffering a great trauma and with no where else to go but up, I turned to crystals to help me heal, thus the beginning of this amazing space.
My collection was growing and growing but my house was not! I started making bracelets as a meditative art, like my painting and it blossomed into necklaces, which then turned into selling crystals, then creating resin items, and metaphysical and spiritual items.

I have always and will always be looking for the next thing to create!

I am beyond grateful for where we have been, where we are and where we will be going.

So on that note, welcome! Welcome to our site, to our lives, into our home and into our hearts.

We cannot express the insane amount of appreciation we have for each and every single person who supports our dreams and goals.
You are changing our lives and we can never say thank you enough.
But thank you, thank you until the end of time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason.
Have a beautiful day.

The Millers